Grassroots 2012

Rise Up with Neil Kingsnorth

With time ticking away to 26 May, we are pleased to announce our first round of speakers!

Neil Kingsnorth

Neil is the Head of Activism at Friends of the Earth and will kick start our theme entitled Rise Up which focuses on how we can be even more effective in campaigning

1. Why do you think it’s important for groups to work together when campaigning?

Friends of the Earth believes that looking after people and looking after the planet are intrinsically linked.  We believe in a fairer and more equal world, where we live within the environmental limits the planet sets and the rights of people to be heard and to influence their futures.  These are not just environmental goals though, they are sound progressive goals that would sit comfortably within most movements.  The point is that we’re all heading in largely the same direction and at the core of many movements are principles and values that would be shared by most others.  All genuine movements are about change and bringing people together, empowering them to help create that change.  We should do more to share and learn from each others’ strengths and skills. 

2.     What do you think your organisation can learn from other groups such as trade unions?

Trade Unions are excellent at mobilising, at organising en masse sometimes at speed and at carrying complex messages simply across their network.  They’re also good at collaboration and coalition working with other trade unions.  I hope to uncover some of the secrets!

 3.     What do you think they could learn from you?

I’m sure we’ll all learn from each other at this.  One of the key things that made me want to work for Friends of the Earth was that it is strategic and has real impact.  We build activism in to the core of our campaigns from the start and we try to give supporters an experience that’s not just about impact but also one that’s enjoyable and attractive.  I’m sure there’s plenty to chat over in there.

4.     What do you hope to get out of Grassroots?

I hope to hear new ideas, meet new people and be surprised.

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 You can follow Neil on twitter @neilkingsnorth

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